Italian brands and manufacturers of high quality pantyhose and luxury hosiery

Italian pantyhoses and stockings are acclaimed as the best in quality and style, offering outstanding styles and colors in a huge variety of fashion hosiery products carefully crafted by small and medium Italian companies. Made in Italy pantyhoses (but also knee-high, stockings and socks) are a real premium for any consumer.

Fashion shops, boutiques, fashion outlets or online shops, as well as wholesalers and distributors can enjoy larger sales and higher profits when offering genuine Italian fashion pantyhoses, stockings, socks and hosiery. Without loosing money in time-consuming searches, the ItalianModa B2B marketplace allows you (for free) to find, select and make contact with the best Italian hosiery companies and brands.

You can browse a huge amount of pictures of fantastic Italian pantyhoses and stockings, ask information to the manufacturers and even use wholesale online catalogs, where you can find the most amazing Italian pantyhose at the better wholesale prices and place an order, whenever you want.

In a nutshell: wholesale buyers can find and purchase Italian classic and fashion pantyhose directly from the Italian brands and factories in Italy, at lower prices and with a much higher choice.

Run a search using the search box above or browse the company categories here. Then you can send a request to all the hosiery companies or to eash of them, individually.

Look at a selection of images of Italian pantyhose, stockings and socks.

Are you looking for superb "made in Italy" pantyhoses (collants) with your own label? Most of the Italian manufacturers joining the ItalianModa marketplace offer experienced Private Label services able to match any serious requirement, even with low minimums.

If you are an agent or distributor your best choice is to deal with the outstanding hosiery from qualified Italian companies and brands. Click here to understand how to apply forbecoming a representative or distributor of Italian fashion hosiery.

For more information about ItalianModa and the Italian fashions, and advice about wholesale prices, please read the ItalianModa manifesto. We also recommend you to have a look at the ItalianModa FAQs for the buyers of Italian wholesale fashions.

To learn how to deal with the Italian fashion companies, and what to expect from them (avoiding any misunderstanding), please read the Buyer's Guide for international buyers of Italian fashion clothing.

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